School Performance

School performance information for East Harling Primary School and Nursery can be found on the website below:



Click on the links below to view the school's Key Stage One and Two SATs results for the past three years.

 Key Stage Two SATs results July 2016

Key Stage One SATs results July 2016 


Key Stage One SATs results July 2013- 2015

Key Stage Two SATs results July 2013 - 2015



Key Stage One Standard Assessment Tests (SATs) are based upon the teacher's assessments of the children's attainment in class over time at the end of year two.

Key Stage Two results for English are based upon a formal reading and grammar, spelling and punctuation test sat by all children, plus their teacher's assessment of their level in writing. The children's maths scores are based upon three maths tests; an arithmetic maths paper and two written papers.