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Mulberry Class are taught by Mrs Kelly (Mon) and Mrs Morris (Tues-Fri). 


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Mulberry Class 2018-19

Felixstowe School trip

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Mulberry and Silver Birch classes took a trip to the Port of Felixstowe to see for ourselves how goods of all sorts are imported and exported to and from Great Britain. We counted over 100 container lorries on our journey along the A14….and too many containers to count once we arrived at Landguard Point!

Once at the docks, we watched cranes lift containers off the 5th largest container vessel in the world and saw a ship sail into the Port carrying its load of containers! Four other ships were alongside the docks being prepared for their journeys across the sea to other countries.

It is indeed a very busy port!

During the year, we have been writing to the children at a school in Felixstowe. We were excited to meet our pen friends and have lunch on the beach before doing some activities and finishing with a quiz.

A great day learning geography outside of the classroom!

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Gressenhall Neolithic trip 2019

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On Monday, we visited Gressenhall farm and workhouse, to take part in activities all about Neolithic times (also known as the Stone Age). First we visited the museum and learnt all about tools, pots and other items that have been found by archaeologists. We had to look around carefully and find some of these items like a arrowhead. We looked at flints and hammer heads  and found out how these were created.


Then we went into the forest to find out about how the Stone age people were 'hunter-gatherers'. We learnt that they ate nuts and  berries that they found, and hunted for animals and fish. We looked at different weapons that they used such as a long bow, arrow and a long spear. The children then had a chance to hunt 'Pickles' the wild boar, by throwing a spear at him.

After that, we talked about how people in Neolithic times kept warm. We looked at animal skins that they used for clothing, and thought about the temporary shelters that they made, so that as 'hunter-gatherers' they had the chance to move around to find food. We created our own shelters to keep us dry and warm.

Finally, we thought about later in the Neolithic period, when the Stone Age people began to farm. They realised that they could plant seeds which would then produce wheat and other things to eat.But they had to clear the land of trees first, hoe the land to remove all the stones and flints, then plough the field, so they could sow the seeds.

We all had a great time, and enjoyed finding out more about the Stone age.

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Explanation texts

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As part of our work on 'explanation texts' in Literacy, the class have been learning about how important a diagram is.

We have looked at different diagrams this week including the life cycle of a caterpillar/ butterfly, and a food chain showing which creatures eat other creatures.

Yesterday, we read some information about 'The Rock Cycle' and today we created a 3D diagram of the cycle, in preparation for us to write our own explanation text.

It explains how:

1) Magma creeps into the cracks of the volcano or is forced out of the top of the volcano, the lava cools forming igneous rocks.

2) The igneous rock roll into the ocean and break into sediment.

3) Layers of sediment form sedimentary rock. 

4) The sedimentary rock at the bottom gets hotter and is pressed into metamorphic rock where it once again becomes magma.

Here are our 3D diagrams:

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Stone Age houses

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We initially designed a Stone Age home and ensured that our sketch had no windows, only a doorway but had a roof that could protect it from the weather. We then went outside to collect natural resources like twigs, leaves and grass and created our own Stone Age home using clay and the resources we found outside.

Look at the amazing work we created!

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Christmas lunch 2018

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What a wonderful time we all had at Christmas lunch today!!

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