Read Write Inc

We use the Read Write Inc phonics programme within school. This is a lively and carefully structured programme for children in years R to 4 who are still at the early stages of learning to read (ie they still learning their phonics).  At the core of the programme is the systematic teaching of all of the common sounds of the English language (phonics).

All of the children are taught in groups according to their reading ability, for a daily lesson lasting an hour, which will focus on phonics, reading and writing. Each group is led by either a teacher or teaching assistant who has been trained to deliver the programme. Children in the Reception Class stay with in their own class. Some of the oldest children (in class 5 and 6) who still need structured phonics teaching follow the Fresh Start programme. 

We want all of our children to become confident and fluent readers and so it is important that we put all of our energies into making sure that every child has support at their level to make sure that they can make good progress. The children will be continually assessed so that we can ensure that teaching matches their needs; some children will quickly move up the groups whilst others will need time to consolidate what they have learnt before they move onto the next level.


 All of the children are given a copy of the Read Write Inc book that they are reading in class to read at home to their parents. In addition to this children are given another book to read at home (these match the book that they have in class, occasionally they may come from a range of different reading schemes), this is to ensure that the children have the opportunity to read a range of different books at their level.  

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