Learning at home


Welcome to our learning at home page. You will find lots of great games and activities here that can help our children learn at home, whilst having fun!

We will be updating this page regularly during school closure. You can access the links on our learning at home leaflet, by opening it here

Click on each of the activities below to explore more exciting things to learn at home. 


BIG summer fun

Some ideas from Norfolk to keep you going in the summer


Visit some of the animals at Edinburgh zoo



Create a free account at i-moves for some different physical activities every day 



For curious minds, take a look at these


CBeebies radio, for our younger children

 Wide range of cool educational videos


Blue Peter 6 badges of summer 



In our ever-changing technological world, we need to make sure our children are safe. Check out the home activity packs from Think U Know.



Free science lessons

 A little book of science experiments


Alternative tinkering sites to minecraft, for our budding computer programmers






Geography games


Find out about all sorts of stuff about animals, history, geography and other things with Dorling Kindersley


Click and explore the big history project! 


See how you can earn a Blue Peter badge





Check out a virtual learning environment here from one of our past classes, with links to maths sites and other resources.   


Can you pay for things with the right coins here? Why not have a game of money snap too? Or splat the hand! It’s fun! If you are good at money maths, have a go at giving change here or go to the igloo shop! For a real challenge, shop ’til you drop!


If you like all of those, you might like the ones here too, though they do have 'for evaluation only' splattered across the games


 Play some of these games and learn how to be safe and be seen!



Apps for ipads

There are a number of great apps for learning available now, so we have just added a few high quality ones that will help learning at home. 


Marvellous maths apps

Primary Games have made some great apps to enhance mental maths skills, including eggs on legs, multiple wipeout, ghost blasters and airport arithmetic. They are fast and fun and will really help children (and adults!) of all ages brush up on their skills. Find some more quality maths apps here, as well as others to help your child learn at home.


Harry Potter fans will love this site, for exploring Hogwarts in their home! 

Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry | Harry Potter Wiki ...


If you are a Disney fan, there are lots of things to do and join in with here.


Learn something new about space through the NASA children’s site

NASA Kids' Club | NASA




Read, write inc information and learning at home resources can be found on their website, by clicking HERE.



Brush up on all of your mental maths skills by trying the daily ten. Challenge your parents too!



                                                Have you ever read a story online?

Why not play some games or read a book with Oxford Owl?


From Joe Wicks  

'Starting from Monday, every single day from Monday to Friday, I'm going to do a live workout called "PE with Joe" on my YouTube channel The Body Coach TV.'

Joe Wicks has announced he will start online PE lessons to help keep children fit and healthy during the school shutdown


Can you beat the alien invaders by shooting the sum that makes the total on your laser? It's fast and fun!




Go to the Maths Wizards blog to play more fun games like these!



Can you tell the time? These great games will help you learn. Have a go at this one first of all.


Then play some more o’clock games here and here …

After that you could try this game here for half past, quarter to and quarter past. Have fun! If you’ve played all of those games and enjoyed them, whizz off to topicbox for some more!


Are you having fun with your learning?









Some super story apps!

Nosy Crow have made some great interactive stories for our younger readers. Collins Big Cat have generously provided 8 free apps that allow you to read, listen to and create your own stories. They are great! You can find some more stories here, but don't forget there are numerous books available when you download the kindle app.