Parental Survey


What parents say are the strengths of our school:


'Brilliant support at all levels, from the Head to MSAs!                                 'It's a happy, friendly and open school with caring staff

The feeling that it's a 'whole'. The children and adults                                  who teach the children to learn well and to be respectful

have smashing relationships across year groups                                            of others'.                                         Parent, July 2021

and seem to care and look out for each other.'   Parent  July 2021              


'A lovely atmosphere, **** is so very happy at school. All the                       'Very conscious of every child's ability and 

staff are welcoming and there's a great sense of community.'                      assists them where needed. **** always feels listened

                                                                 Parent, July 2021                                      to and very safe at school'.              Parent, July 2021 


'Very good understanding of Early Years curriculum and                              'Teachers and all staff are so easy to talk to and seem

supporting children in their learning during these years'.                               to know each child individually. It feels like a family unit

                                                                Parent, July 2021                                      with the child's interests at heart.'    Parent, July 2021